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Supplied in 0.6 mm thick sheets, Pellemagica combines with the cardboard without adding too much thickness. To obtain a professional wrapping. It is however advisable to skive the parts that will be tucked. Being a highly-pressed material, bonded leather absorbs colors in a different way from the natural tanned leather. That's why the base color might come out when the bonded leather is bent at 180° thus giving a faded effect to parts of the covers. Applying the special wax will restore the original color. Colors used are aniline based to add a natural effect other bonded leather sheets do not have. Different shades of colors on the Pellemagica sheets are the result of the work of skilled craftsmen and can't be considered imperfections. Repeated rubbing of corners and edges might fade colours.
  • Arcadia

    PM01ARPEG Perla Glitter PEG

    PM01ARTOG Tortora Glitter TOG

  • Tracia

    PM01TRAPE Perla PE

  • Zefiro

    PM01ZEPEG Perla Glitter PEG

    PM01ZETOG Tortora Glitter TOG

  • Duchessa

    PM01DUIC Ice IC

    PM01DUTO Ice IC

  • Ceroli

    PM01CEBA Black BA

    PM01CEBW Brown BW

    PM01CEWH White WH

  • Lagarto

    PM01LAGBA Black BA

    PM01LAGBW Brown BW

    PM01LAGLV Light Violet LV

    PM01LAGPE Perla PE

    PM01LAGRE Red RE

  • Fiore Opaco

    PM01FIOAB Ant. Brown BW

    PM01FIOBA Black BA

    PM01FIOBU Blue BU

    PM01FIOIV Ivory IV

    PM01FIOPK Pink PK

    PM01FIORE Ant. Red RE

    PM01FIOSB Sky Blue SB

    PM01FIOWH Ant. White WH

  • Trilux

    PM01TRLBA Black BA

    PM01TRLBW Brown BW

    PM01TRLRE Red RD

    PM01TRLWH White WH

  • Eva

    PM01EVAGY Grey GY

    PM01EVAWH White WH

  • Martina

    PM01MARWG White Gold WG

    PM01MARWH White WH

  • Lucia

    PM01LUCWH White WH

  • Saffiano

    PM01SAFBA Black BA

    PM01SAFBR Bruno BR

    PM01SAFBU Blu BU

    PM01SAFBW Brown BW

    PM01SAFPE Perla PE

    PM01SAFPL Platino PL

    PM01SAFRE Red RE

  • Intreccio

    PM01INTBR Bruno BR

    PM01INTBW Brown BW

    PM01INTRE Red RE

    PM01INTWH White WH

  • Sancara

    PM01SANBA Black BA

    PM01SANBW Brown BW

    PM01SANWH White WH

  • Cleopatra

    PM01CLEWH White WH