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    Double-sided adhesive tape

    Pack of 1 roll of 50 mtl

    DA010A 10 mm
    DA015A 15 mm
    DA025A 25 mm
    DA125A 125 mm




    Adhesive Gauze

    Pack of 1 roll of 50 mtl

    Available colours: White and Black

    TSP06WH h. 6 cm white
    TSP08WH h. 8 cm white
    TSP10WH h. 10 cm white
    TSPO6BA h. 6 cm black
    TSPO8BA h. 8 cm black
    TSP10BA h. 10 cm black


    Pack of 1 roll of 50 mtl

    Available colors: Red and White, Black and Yellow,
    Black, Brown, Bordeaux, White

    SHBREWHA red and white
    SHBBAYLA black and yellow
    SHBBAA black
    SHBBWA brown
    SHBBGA bordeaux
    SHBWHA white



  • colla

    Glue Kelvil 40

    Pack of 1 Kg

    KK401 Glue Kelvil
  • osso

    Splint bone

    ASWH16 16 cm



  • cleaner


    Pack of 1 piece

    CLEANER Universal Cleaner Spray
    citrus-based for Easysheet
  • taglierino

    Professional cutter

    Pack of 1 pieces

    PTRIMMER01 Professional cutter



  • lame

    Blades Cutter Professional

    Pack of 100 pieces

    BTRIMMER02 blade cutter