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An exceptional partnership between Fujifilm and Ien Industrie. The Green Giant chose an Italian excellence to enhance its photo paper silver halide. IEN stands for “Iam et Nondum”  which in Latin means "the already made and not yet," says Giovanni Vitali, Export Sales Manager at the company. The IEN brand symbolizes our experience but also our continuous search for excellence in products and services.



Photostory Automatica HS is the automatic binder books  optimized to ensure the best quality blocks with   fine finishing papers such as the new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Velvet. The machine binds and builds the  block placing the unique pre-glued paper Easysheet between prints . Productivity reaches 1200 prints per hour to produce albums up to 50 x 50 cm.



Fujifilm and IEN INDUSTRIE carried out intense research and development activities to reach new levels of quality in the production of high-quality photo books printed on carbonless paper. The collaboration between engineers from Fujifilm Europe and the Italian company led to excellent results:  "IEN's corporate philosophy focuses on our work the positive energy that comes from being able to offer the product that best responds to the logic of each market. For this is a source of great pride the collaboration with Fujifilm, undisputed global leader in the imaging market. We presented the results achieved in July, during a meeting in our headquarter.



Fujifilm has continued to invest and support the photochemical technologies. This is demonstrated by the continued global growth of its business and the important innovations presented in recent months.

“We are noting a significant return of photographic card usage in the production of professional album”, says Felice Ucchino, Product Manager for Fujifilm Italy. “We are proud to say that thanks to a research and development that has intensified today Fujifilm is able to offer a range of extended and comprehensive support, but above all we are enthusiastic to offer solutions for fine-art printing, photobook and photo pictures paper based chemistry. This is the best possible synthesis of highest quality, print longevity and maximum productivity. The mission of our engineers was: expand the applications of photochemistry paper to compete with the inkjet canvas and electrochemical materials. The objective has been successfully achieved and laid the foundation for the dawn of a new era of photochemical print”. “The imaging market requires new high impact products for an audience always in constant evolution with refined tastes and with clear ideas. In short, we must be able to maintain a high ' Wow ' effect but we cannot afford to lose sight of the sustainability of the production flow that needs to be as cheap as possible and at the same time highly versatile and high regarding volumes achievable. A synergy that you get only by photochemical technology”.


“Our main goal is to enable our customer to offer value added solutions using our state of the art technology and our high quality products”, says Ucchino. “To succeed we analyzed market demands and sought strategic partners because we believe that win only by joining forces and combining the different skills. Fujifilm sells the most complete catalog of materials for photo printing available today that includes a wide variety of media available in a multitude of styles and finishes”. Just because today more than ever it is important to work together to develop products and services that stimulate consumers, Fujifilm has screwed up an important partnership with IEN Industrie, new asset of an Italian company with large experience in the photobook.



On the occasion of a meeting at which they were invited to the most important Italian photo labs Fujifilm and IEN presented the productive synergy achieved through the optimization of Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional cards and high-performance Binder Photostory Automatica HS."The large and inspired vision of Fujifilm tallies perfectly with that of IEN and both emphasize a taste for quality and the satisfaction of needs of customers and the market, thanks to a combination cut to fit and able to offer the highest performance”, says Giovanni Vitali, Export Sales Manager of IEN Industrie."Joint research carried out by our two companies created a valuable improvement of mechanical resistance and to maintain the quality of your prints during creasing. The paper and the machines have been made perfectly compatible and today form a unique synergy for effectiveness and ability to deliver a flawless end result”.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.